D10 Engagement Ring [Pic]

My engagement ring, designed by myself and a reality thanks to my amazing jeweller father. Yes that is a D10 (10 sided dice for those not used to the lingo XP), me and my partner are quite frequent roleplayers and I’m a huuuge geek and odd-ball. I wanted my ring to be one-of-a-kind and personal to me any my amazing finace so I eventually came up with this idea.

[Source: Dragonslorefury @ Deviantart.com | Via TDWG]

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  1. Usually when someone says "my partner", it means they are in a gay/lesbian relationship… Don't be ashamed, be proud! You can say "she".

  2. WoD players with possible chain of successes on a chance die. I think he underestimates himself, because this will result in exceptional success if she's any kind of worthy geek girl.

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