Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind [Video]

Another great video from the folks @ ASAP Science.

Time for some interesting facts to make your head explode! Now you can sound even smarter around your friends with these simple but super fun facts about life!


3 Responses to Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind [Video]

  1. Sorry, ASAP SCIENCE, but frantically whimsical animation and sprightly voice-over narration do little to advance the actual imparting of knowledge. Unfortunately, you also seem to set the bar rather low for what constitutes a "fact," to wit: there are NOT more stars in the visible universe than all the grains of sand on all the beaches in the world; if the word "visible" in the previous clause is changed to "observable," then that statement may be said to agree with current understanding. But I understand how in the glib world of ASAP Science, "visible" is more or less the same as "observable"—and anyway, who is really following closely enough, or even cares enough, to make the distinction, right?

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