The Tardis is Real [Google Maps]

Don’t believe me? Go into street view for the address “343 Hull Road, York, England, YO10 3, United Kingdom” and you will see that beautiful blue box.

Edit: Map embedded below. There’s even a Cyberman and two Daleks a little to the right.

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Google sees all, even you Doctor.


13 Responses to The Tardis is Real [Google Maps]

  1. I use this petrol station! They also have a pair of Daleks and a Cyberman on the shop roof!

  2. Try this: "Earl's Court, London near Earl's Court Station, 224-236 Earl's Court Rd, Earl's Court" in Streetview. I walk past it every day, always people there taking pictures !

  3. You might want to use one of them to phone the police and report your sense of humor being missing…

  4. my local car wash and petrol station a family friend made the daleks and the cyberman on the roof :D

  5. I live near Cardiff (where it's filmed) and they tend to leave it in all sorts of random places around the city. :D

  6. My author friend Ruth Wheeler was just here at Hull service Station in York doing a signing…cyberman and daleks for sure!!