Save the Tesla Lab! Build a Tesla Museum!

On The Oatmeal’s latest blog post, he calls out to geeks and geek-supporters everywhere to pitch in to the building of a Tesla Museum at the site of his old laboratory, the Wardenclyffe Tower.

Apparently the land has recently gone up for sale and a non-profit is trying to raise money on indiegogo to buy the land and build the museum.

So how much do they need? Well the land costs $1.6 million dollars. The non-profit has received a matching grant from New York State for $850,000 – so if they raise $850,000, then NY will give them $850,000 = total of $1.7 million dollars.

Currently, there’s also another buyer who wants to tear it down and turn it into a retail establishment (ew).

We need to pay tribute to this awesome man. And if you don’t know who Nikola Tesla is, or why he deserves deity-like devotion from geeks everywhere, then don’t bother going to Wikipedia, instead, check out The Oatmeal’s wonderful comic, “Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived.”

They’re not only looking for donations from general geek public, but it’s also important that they find some corporate sponsors to help build the actual thing – it will take so much more than just the $1.6 million, as that is just the cost of the land.

So if you happen to be or know anyone who is in a position to pitch this to a giant company, then please do so. Because anyone who has built their empire on the foundations of technology, deserves to give a nod to the father of electricity, of invention, and of geekdom in general.

[Donate on Indiegogo | Potential Sponsors contact the charity by emailing | Read more on The Oatmeal]