Facebook to (Finally) Start Deleting Your Photos

It seems Facebook has finally said they’ll be deleting photos within a “reasonable period of time”. If you didn’t realise, Facebook’s systems were keeping some photos on their content delivery networks (CDN) for as long as three years after you deleted them. So even though you ‘deleted’ those late-night not-so-sober photos from Facebook, they could still have been floating around cyberspace for years afterwards.

Apparently now Facebook has introduced a new photo deletion policy, along with new storage systems that means that content should expire by 30 days at the latest. “However, in some cases the content will expire on the CDN much more quickly, based on a number of factors,” said Fredric Wolens, Facebook spokesperson.

Of course, it should be noted that people don’t actually have access to the photos on the CDN via Facebook once a user deletes them – they’d have to have the direct URL to it. But still…

It seems that other networks such as Twitter and Flickr, would only take mere seconds to delete the photos from their CDN. It seems that Facebook has taken a really long time to sort out this problem.

And the Facebook iOS apps still majorly suck. I’m not impressed Facebook, not impressed.

[Via Ars Technica]

6 Responses to Facebook to (Finally) Start Deleting Your Photos

  1. Actually this is more of a CDN issue rather than a Facebook issue (I'm not saying Facebook couldn't have fixed it).

    However I'm a bit surprised by the last sentence… what's so suckish about the iOS app? That it doesn't go *swoosh* on every move, like the Twitter App?

  2. The iOS App is re-built at the moment (Saw an article a while ago) they're using native app instead of HTML5 like now. The pages* App to manage fan pages is rebuilt how the fb app is gonna look like. It is pretty fast.

    Regarding the CDN-Deletion. Well, all they say the CDN-images are going to be deleted. Not the image itself. Which means facebook pretends to delete the pictures but technically they still stroe them. Maybe not in the CDN but very much on their harddrive. Unless they say that they are going to delete the actual picture I take it as a smoke grenade!

  3. The ap sucks terribly on Droid, too. And it's not a phone thing or manufacturer or version of the OS — it's affecting every smart phone on the market. It's absolute garbage at the moment.

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