Eye of the Beholder: Geeklicious Eye Shadow Looks [Pics]

LA-based makeup artist Siryn has found a way to show her geek off to the world by creating some truly outrageous eye looks based on her favorite characters. It’s a growing trend in the makeup community, but Siryn has been has been plugging away every week with a new comic, sci-fi or anime themed look since last June. Her skills caught the attention of the crew behind Batgirl The Web Series and Siryn was tapped as one of  the lead beauty make up artists for the series. Check out some of my personal favorites from her portfolio, or head on over to her web site to see what else she’s painted!

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  1. Jangsara over on blogspot has been doing this for a while now, as well. She’s the one who created all of those Avenger looks.

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