What Color is a Mirror?

A mirror reflects the color of the surface that faces it, but do you know what color a mirror truly is?


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  1. He’s missing a very important part of this mirror thing, however…The “green” doesn’t come from the reflective surface itself. Pick up a “clear” glass bottle, and look at the thickest part. Slightly blue-green.

    That blue-green color you see in the mirror room is not from the reflective surface. It’s from the glass coating ON the reflective surface. A mirror room made without the front plane of glass or plastic will be drastically different in tone.

  2. It’s the glass that’s green, because of the mineral composition of “transparent” glass on earth.

    He right, but sort of for the wrong reasons :P

  3. I always thought it was green because of the glass layer used to mount the reflective metal. Light has to pass the glass twice, and most "clear" glass has the same greenish tint when viewed to many layers / thicknesses.

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