Gamer Facebook Timeline Covers

So (almost) everyone is pretty much used to the fact that Facebook has rejigged our profiles into the Timeline format and you must now choose a photo to place as your cover photo. Pictures of friends, family, flowers and random cupcakes all float across people’s timelines – usually with some awkward Facebook cropping.

But there are those who saw an opportunity to maximise sexy geekiness and created some funky geeky timeline covers and even GaS has created a set of awesome covers that you can use.

Well now Venture Beat are giving gamers a series of their own so that they can swath their profiles in their own brand of geekiness.

They’re releasing a whole new set every day this week – at the time of writing they haven’t yet released the 8/16-bit ones (due Wednesday!) and I’m looking forward to those!

Below is a collection of a few of my favourites – check out their post here to see the full set!

 [Via Venture Beat]