Lego Introduces Monster Fighters!

I just love my Lego blocks. In fact, I love them so much that I got kids just as an excuse to keep on buying Lego toys. Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but it just goes to show my obsession with them.

The licensing of Lego products brought a metric pant load of collectible opportunities – From Star Wars and Harry Potter to Batman and Avengers. If it will sell, Lego will license it.

But what I truly miss are the generic themed Lego that just let you play with your imagination – “A New Toy Every Day!” This is the stuff I grew up with.

So it delighted me to see Lego making a strong effort in its own properties, creating sets not based on external brands.

The latest of these sets is the Lego Monster Fighters, lead of course by a minifig named Rodney Rathbone!

This amuses me on many levels. Sure, Lego is taking advantage of a general supernatural craze, but instead of trying to give us Twilight Lego, or Vampire Diaries Lego, we get the foundation of Monster Hunters with the inevitable onslaught of themed adventure locations to appeal to a variety of adventurers … er… kids!

I like this better!

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