Geeks are Sexy’s Facebook Cover Banners [Free!]

A few weeks ago, I was busy creating some cover banners for the [GAS] Facebook fan page, and I thought to myself, geez, those really look great! I bet people would be interested in using some of these pictures on their profiles. So after getting permission from some of my favorite photographers, I decided to make these available to the public.

You are free to use these banners on your Facebook profiles or pages, but I do ask that you give credit (and link to!) to the photographers in the decription of the banner itself, as I’m doing here. I’ll be pointing to the sources you should link to below. A link back to this post would also be appreciated! Enjoy!

Credit: Robin Cook Photography (For the 3 pictures below)

The Last Supper

We Want You!

Kitana - Mortal Kombat

Credit: Anna Fischer Photography (For the 5 pictures below)

The Baroness

Mass Effect

The Punisher

Steam Punk Daft Punk

Terra (DC Comics)

Credit: LJinto Photography (For the 5 pictures below)

Bioshock - Little Sister

Bioshock - Little Sister

Friendship is Magic!

Madame Hydra's Goon

Borderland - Mad Moxxi

Credit: BGZ Studios (For the 4 pictures below)

Dark Phoenix - BGZ Studios

Catwoman and Batman - BGZ Studios

Catwoman - BGZ Studios

Scarlett Witch - BGZ Studios

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