Back to the Future LEGO?

It looks like Back to the Future may be joining the Shaun of the Dead set as a potential licensed product.

Editor’s note: Looks like the idea of a Shaun of the Dead set was rejected. Sadness.

Cuusoo is a suggestion system used by Lego to test the market for licenced Lego sets. After submitted fan made sets are placed online, it takes a minimum of 10,000 votes to get Lego to seriously consider pursuing the concept.

Well the following Back to the Future fan set was submitted and rapidly found itself on the Evaluation stage.

The proposed sets look to include the classic Delorean Time Machine in each of its trilogy incarnations, with accompanying Marty and Doc Brown figures.

What I would love to see in expanded sets would be the Time Travel Train, complete with Doc and Clara alongside their children Jules and Verne. Other set pieces like the Under the Sea Dance, the Soda Shop, and the town square would be great.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest minifigs for George and Lorraine McFly, Jennifer, Biff, Griff the hoverboard gang, and of course Einstein the Dog!

Granted this is just in the “we will seriously think about it” stage, so Lego will have to consider if licensing is worth it.

If they do make a Back to the Future set, will you be buying it?


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