Shaun of the Dead Lego Set Could be Real

I absolutely loved Shaun of the Dead. In fact, I generally enjoy everything that Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are in together. So as a massive Lego nut, I was quite amused to find this odd couple being immortalized in Lego in a scene from that very film!

Sadly this was only a big fan’s creative effort to make a Shaun of the Dead Lego set, but now Simon Pegg has decided to tug on the heartstrings of the cult followers of his film letting people know that if 10,000 people show interest in this project, Lego promises to put the model forward as an official set.

By “put forward” I mean the decision making process where Lego’s marketing and distribution team will look at the costs of licensing, production, and distribution of a special themed set. I can’t imagine soemthing like this costing less than $100 on piece count alone – let alone licensing for the use of the name and character likenesses.

If it DOES make it through this first step, it may yet be available for sale officially through Lego. It would be pretty cool if it was.

You can show your interest in this potential Lego kit by going to the LEGO Shaun of the Dead page and click on Support! There are currently 7164 supporters of this Lego Wish project.