Ways NOT to Cheat [Pics]

I’m sure us geeks have never felt the desire (nor the need) to cheat in exams, but just in case you were contemplating taking the less-than-moral road to getting a piece of paper that says you can do something, College Humor’s collected eight ways you probably shouldn’t do it.

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  1. The textbook one cracked me up. I actually took Physics from Ray Serway. While he was actually a nice guy and an awesome lab teacher – because the man loved him some Physics and loved nothing more than helping everyone set up their experiments and making sure we got it right – he was a horrendous lecturer.

    He never prepped lecture – he felt since he wrote the book he didn't have to. A fact he'd mention at least once a week. He'd fill four blackboards with equations and diagrams, then step back two minutes before the end of class and say "You know? I don't know why I taught you this. You don't need to know it." If any one of us could have made him not write the book we would have.

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