Worf is ALWAYS Wrong! [Video]

Star Trek: The Next Generation ran for seven seasons, and in this more culturally accepting future version of Star Trek, even the violent Klingons were members of the Federation. Worf was the first Klingon to be a lead character in a Star Trek franchise, and has appeared in more episodes than any other Star Trek character.

The only reason I bring up all that trivia is that I wonder exactly how he lasted that long. Check out this 15-minute video of all the scenes in which Worf’s impulsive suggestions get shot down.

Clearly his assessments are very often short sighted and rejected very quickly by those around him. I understand his Klingon impulses are very hard to resist and often his reactions involve violence. How did he get promoted when he instinctively wants to solve every problem with a photon torpedo?

Oh, we love you Worf. Even if everything you say is wrong.

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