Worf is ALWAYS Wrong! [Video]

Star Trek: The Next Generation ran for seven seasons, and in this more culturally accepting future version of Star Trek, even the violent Klingons were members of the Federation. Worf was the first Klingon to be a lead character in a Star Trek franchise, and has appeared in more episodes than any other Star Trek character.

The only reason I bring up all that trivia is that I wonder exactly how he lasted that long. Check out this 15-minute video of all the scenes in which Worf’s impulsive suggestions get shot down.

Clearly his assessments are very often short sighted and rejected very quickly by those around him. I understand his Klingon impulses are very hard to resist and often his reactions involve violence. How did he get promoted when he instinctively wants to solve every problem with a photon torpedo?

Oh, we love you Worf. Even if everything you say is wrong.


21 Responses to Worf is ALWAYS Wrong! [Video]

  1. Only in about half the situations I’ve seen in there that I recognize, it turns out “oh hey, Worf was right”. As an example, “is it really a good idea to send our chief engineer” Geordie gets kidnapped. It’s a trap.

    • I dunno, in Star Trek Voyager Tom Paris had a holodeck program called CAPTAIN PROTON. I bet he used a few proton torpedoes on B'elanna ifyouknowwhatimean winkwinknudgenudge

  2. Even worse, proton torpedoes are from Star Wars; photo torpedoes are from Star Trek.

    Like Mr. Worf, the writer is wrong :)

      • Thank you. Did anyone at this website ever even see ANY Star Trek??? First they think Vulcan is in Epsilon Eridani, now they think the Klingon Empire is PART of the Federation?! I think it's time for some people to turn in their "geek" badges at "Geeks Are Sexy". smh

    • i wouldnt mind getting killed by a photo torpedo…if, like, you know, it had a picture of a cute kitty on it or something.

  3. And being a tough Klingon, he got his butt kicked more than Tanto. I can't remember an episode where he won a fight.

    • Then you don't have a good memory.

      What about the episode in which he defeated Duras in one-on-one combat? (It was in retaliation when Duras killed Worf's mate.)

  4. worf didnt begin to whoop ass until the last season of star trek then ds9 came and he was killing fools left and right — one of treks best character developments if i say so myself

  5. PROTON torpedo? Lol. I’m trying to decide if that’s a hilarious mistake, an autocorrect oversight, or if you’re intentionally baiting us nerds to come after you.

  6. What's the line from Princess Bride? "You think everything is a trap. Which is why I am still alive." Clearly Worf has his uses.

  7. Worf was at a clear disadvantage. He had to go up against Picard, the universe's most diplomatic starship captain.

  8. I have a new respect for Worf; his restraint among the humans was admirable.

    Now I have a better idea why I liked him so much.

  9. The Klingon people are a proud and noble race. No other race can match our ferocity in glorious combat. Did this “Worf” expect to be accepted? HA. The puny humans are afraid of the strength shown by the Klingon people and attempt to control what they cannot understand. Any true Klingon would never submit himself to the “diplomacy” (weakness) of humans. This p’tahk nips after the heels of his human masters like a pitiful targ. This “Worf” is an insult and disgrace to the Klingon people. It is no wonder that he is descended from the dishonored house of Mog. Pah. Do not tell me the Federation lies that this Mog was “framed”. These falsehoods are merely a veiled Federation attempt to subvert and influence Klingon affairs. The Federation pretends to be a peaceful race yet in reality their goal has been to lure unsuspecting races into their fold in order to gain more power and control. The Klingon people are not so stupid as some may think.

    It will be a glorious day indeed when the Klingon people rise up against the oppression of the Federation. My bat’leth will be soaked in the blood of many humans so that I might find my way into Sto-Vo-Kor.

    bortaS bIr jablu’DI’ reH QaQqu’ nay’

  10. I would like to know how many times worf made a suggestion, was turned down, and the crew would have been better off had they listened to worf :)