Lego Minecraft Micro World Available for Pre-Order

Minecraft found its incredible success through its simplicity. The game itself is incredibly affordable, and while lacking in any great detail like curves, it allows you to build nearly anything in its 8-Bit style like digital Lego. Genius.

So it was not a surprising move that Minecraft has teamed up with Lego to release a collection of Minecraft sets, allowing you to build and create offline just as you do in-game. And now the official sets are presented online for preorder.

The idea is that these sets, using the smallest Lego bits, can be assembled and expanded to reveal underground caves and resources. They easily separate to show their inner secrets, and can be combined with other sets to build elaborate landscapes.

The kicker here is that each of these sets are going to cost $34.99USD, and that to take part in the pre-order, you must first become a Fan of the Lego Minecraft Facebook Page

As neat as these little sets are, is there really a market for a $35 set that is only 4 inches cubed?



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  1. "As neat as these little sets are, is there really a market for a $35 set that is only 4 inches cubed?"
    I'm sorry, have you never met a minecraft fan?

    • I'm sorry, have YOU ever met a minecraft fan? I paid about $12 for minecraft way back when. I've played it to death over the years, starting with Minecraft classic. Even with the countless hours of fun I've had, I don't think it's worth it's current pricetag of almost $27. And that's a digital game that allows far more options and interactivity than a lego set.

      The only people who are going to buy these sets are parents who have small children that play the game and are ignorant enough to buy it solely based on the logo.

    • Heck, I'm not even a fan of the game(per se; never played it, but it does look fun), and these look surprisingly cool! Course, as a life-long LEGO fan already, I'm a bit wary of these sets. Have you ever tried to get those tiny pieces apart once you've got them together? Not even Bruce Campbell can do it.

  2. That has always been the problem with Lego, the astronomical price for even the smallest sets. But they continue to sell a boat load.

  3. It would be nice if the kits did not cost more than the game itself. Kinds dissapointing, but I’m still looking forward to Lego Minecraft’s release. I just hope that the price drops after the official release.

    • That hasn't been true for a long, long time. Google "lego snot".

      The sets are expensive, but they got 10,000 people to vote to produce the set. It'll sell.

  4. I think Minecraft is awesome. I think this Minecraft Lego product is quite lame. Nothing is cool about it except the creeper.

    And for $35? Are you serious?

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