Alternate Uses for Portals [Pic]

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  1. Yeah my boyfriend mentioned the other day that portals could be used to "fuck your own ass." I argued that if you tried to thrust, your ass would just move away, and the potential for penetration would be limited.

  2. But you could give your self a BJ without breaking your neck ("Clerks"-style).

    Hula-hooping looks dangerous. what happens if you collide with the edge of a portal? that never got covered in the game, as you either hit or miss it. Sky-diving is cool, but the problem is landings. :-) a chute in the portal would still be accelerating at terminal velocity. :-) Of course one could get a paraglider and just go flying in real life – no portals necessary. :-)

    • Well no, the parachute would be slowed down by air as it fell, regardless of the portals.
      Your main problem would be making the portals big enough to accommodate the parachute.

      • No, the main problem would be in releasing the chute, and having the sudden movement alter your direction, causing you to either hit the ground next to the portal, or fall through the side of it, slicing yourself in half.

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