How NOT To Handle LN2 [Video]

Warning: Do NOT try this at home. In fact, Do NOT try this EVER.

I’m a bit surprised that this guy still has fingers after this “experiment”

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9 Responses to How NOT To Handle LN2 [Video]

  1. Where's his heat-proof gloves?!?! Where's his Lab Coat!?!?!?! Where's his Lab Specs?!?!?!? Latex gloves do NOTHING!!!! I handle LN2 everyday at work and I'm clever enough not to put cryogenic liquids in a sealed container >_<

  2. I do that with dry ice. I made two of the biggest bombs with 2 liter bottles. They didnt explode until I shot them with my .22. My friend said she heard it REALLY loud a mile away. Also it set off neighbors car alarm across the street :D

  3. while most of what this guy did was pretty stupid, not wearing gloves made sense because the real danger with LN2 is when it pools up and with gloves you run the risk of it pouring into the glove and freezing your fingers.

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