Om Nom Nom Nom: Frosted Unicorn Poop Cookies

Interested in making your own unicorn poop cookies? Just follow this simple howto by instructable user Kristylynn84!

This unicorn poop, in reality, has a funny story. I told my mom that I was making some “Unicorn Sneezes” and she said “when are you going to make your unicorn sh*t?” And then it hit me…Great idea, Mom! It will take a dirty spin and become unicorn poop, instead! She doesn’t want the credit for encouraging me, but I still thank her. Haha. BTW: These things are sparkly to the max. Even more-so than ANY art project.

Frosted unicorn poop cookies… they’re magically delicious!

[Unicorn Poop Cookies]

5 Responses to Om Nom Nom Nom: Frosted Unicorn Poop Cookies

  1. Deathspank (a game) has unicorn poop as food too :D Laughed so hard on it. Description: "taste like innocence". Was I think the most powerful food. :)
    Btw where is the receipt? I can make professional muffins and decent pancakes, applepie, floating-islands, bonfire cookie (dunno the English name for it) and some more, what I eager to do is unicorn poop.

    • Silly me, I found it. :D Well this one has to wait, I'm not familiar with the extra ingredients. :S Or maybe I came up with my own! Muhahaha… Muhahahahaha… MUHAHAHAHAHA! >:D

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