Cadbury’s Chewbacca Advert (Gorilla drumming parody) [Video]

Remember that Cadbury ad from a few years ago featuring a gorilla playing the drums to Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight? Well my friend Nick from Sneaky Zebra thought that replacing that gorilla with Chewbacca would be a great idea, so he decided to do something about it. Check it out:

Thanks Nick!

4 Responses to Cadbury’s Chewbacca Advert (Gorilla drumming parody) [Video]

  1. Here's how I imagine the conversation went:
    "Right, who do we know who has a purple wall?"
    "Oh, I think Brian's got one in his bedroom, I'm sure we can use that"
    "Yeah, that'll do, no need to remove the whiteboard or make an attempt to hide the plug socket".
    "By the way, can you pick up a cheap Chewbacca outfit from the party shop?"

  2. Will, are you blind? that's quite clearly a rehearsal room… the so called whiteboard is fabric to reduce sound, it has a set of amps/speakers and a mixer, plus mics and enough space for that drum kit and to move the camera that far back. Also that aint the cheap chewbacca outfit! that's the expensive one! well done on proving you have no clue.

    Also… nice video!

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