Amazing Blade Runner-ish Short: XXIT [Video]

Entirely filmed on a Canon EOS C300, XXIT is totally amazing sci-fi short set in a Blade Runner-ish world where the future seems to meet the present. The movie was produced by high tech production company Stargate Studios, the same company that worked on the VFX of many popular shows such as Heroes, The Walking Dead, and 24.

[Stargate Studios]

6 Responses to Amazing Blade Runner-ish Short: XXIT [Video]

    • Yes, this has nothing in common with Blade Runner. Well, except for the cityscape, environment, apparant levels of technology, that whole bit with the clone age scheduled for termination, etc.

      Yes, nothing like Blade Runner at all. *snerk*

  1. I worked on Blade Runner. A proud moment for me. These folks showed a lot of respect for the film.
    My hat is off to them. Nice work.

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