Abe-Borg-ham Lincoln Tattoo

Didn’t know the Borg could time travel!

Four score and seven cycles ago, one artist brought forth on Michael’s skin a new tattoo, conceived in imagination, and dedicated to the proposition that all men would be more awesome if they were cyborgs..

This awesome tattoo of Abraham Lincoln as a cyborg is on Michael Vellotti and is by Chris Krahn in Boise, Idaho.

[Via Geeky Tattoos]

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  1. There are a lot of pictures I see on the internet that I find awesome. Sometimes they make my chuckle. Sometimes they make me laugh till I cry. Some just leave me with my mouth hanging open in wonder.

    And yet, not once have I thought to myself "that would look GREAT on my pasty white flesh."

    In other news, GaS, you make me sad. So sad. So very sad. If nothing else, not watching the Next Gen movies means you can't fully appreciate RedLetterMedia's review of them. Sad, indeed.

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