This Isn’t Me, But It’s All of Us

I’m JDO, the new guy here on the weekends. It’s all well and good for geeks to be sexy, I get that, but for my first post here at GAS I wanted to sit down and have a little heart to heart with you fine folks. Take a look at the above picture.  I found it on Reddit under the title “The absolute happiest I have been in my entire life. Nothing will match Christmas ’95.” We all have that story. It might not have been a Sega Genesis for you. For me, it was the Saturn. I remember begging my parents for one, for Christmas. My mom let the information leak to my brother that she’d gotten me a CD player instead. I threw a fit. When Christmas came, I got the CD player, and pretended my best to like it. Then, Mom disappeared into her room and came back with the Saturn. I felt exulted and utterly ashamed at the same time. My mother was great at teaching me a lesson about being a spoiled brat without ever calling me such. That day, to me, signifies what being a geek is all about, really: the joy of acquiring something alien and cool, the camaraderie shared with friends and family, and the subtle reminder that we are lucky to be living in a time that’s so good to geeks. Now get back to making with the sexy.

via Reddit

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