This Isn’t Me, But It’s All of Us

I’m JDO, the new guy here on the weekends. It’s all well and good for geeks to be sexy, I get that, but for my first post here at GAS I wanted to sit down and have a little heart to heart with you fine folks. Take a look at the above picture.  I found it on Reddit under the title “The absolute happiest I have been in my entire life. Nothing will match Christmas ’95.” We all have that story. It might not have been a Sega Genesis for you. For me, it was the Saturn. I remember begging my parents for one, for Christmas. My mom let the information leak to my brother that she’d gotten me a CD player instead. I threw a fit. When Christmas came, I got the CD player, and pretended my best to like it. Then, Mom disappeared into her room and came back with the Saturn. I felt exulted and utterly ashamed at the same time. My mother was great at teaching me a lesson about being a spoiled brat without ever calling me such. That day, to me, signifies what being a geek is all about, really: the joy of acquiring something alien and cool, the camaraderie shared with friends and family, and the subtle reminder that we are lucky to be living in a time that’s so good to geeks. Now get back to making with the sexy.

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  1. N64 for my 10th birthday. But my mother was more cruel. My birthday is December 15th, so she gave me all the GAMES for the 64 on my birthday… And then let me stew for the ten days leading up to Christmas. I don't think a kid has ever stared at the box for Super Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing so hard without figuring out telekenisis somewhere along the line.

  2. the Saturn was awesome. internal memory, good controller matching the Genesis 6-button, and it had some sweet games. Duke Nukem 3D, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Resident Evil, Nights Into Dreams, Panzer Dragoon, .. I can keep going.

  3. I have this same picture, except mine is a 64 also. I logged SO many hours on that system. I think we single handedly kept Blockbuster in business the next year. It was fantastic.

  4. To show my age, mine was the Christmas of ’87 and the NES. Of course, my joy was dampened a bit because I had to share with my older brother, which meant I would have to fight for every second I got to be on it, but at least I would be able to play it. My parents owned a game room, and I still remember how Super Mario Brothers was just the same as the stand up, but at the same time seemed to play by different rules.

  5. I remember the day I got the nes, it was a random school day and my brother brought it home. Now the picture above was me with the snes. My parents let me open all the games first. I got the entire star wars trilogy and street fighter, then behind the couch my dad pulled put this not particularly big box, but I remember the snes packaging being long. I ripped that open and Lo and behold there she was. The rest is history. I beat street fighter with every character and with 7 stars. Man those were great times.

  6. Oh, man, mine was the Christmas of '92. I had been begging for a Game Gear for those long car rides. My parents had me open the battery pack first. After I read all the off-brand logos and stuff and figured out what it meant, I actually dove into the tree trying to find the box that would match it. Hey, I was only six, gimme a break.

    That was the first and only handheld I've ever owned (outside of the old Tiger Electronics units), and I still play the sucker, even though my uncle (who's only eleven years older than me) dropped it and killed a pixel row in the middle of the screen.

    Oh! and there was the christmas I got the foil that completed my Jurassic Park trading cards collection… that was a good year, too. And the christmas I got the N64… and yes, I know how horrifically spoiled I am.

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