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      • Like Kevin said, it depends what country it is in.. In several countries, for example, the tip is already included in the waitress' salary and do people usually just round an amount instead of tipping 15-20 percent.

  1. well dude that 11% knowing that you can tip up to 15$ for an incredible service….11% to get your burger, fries and your coke for 2 person that fair…

      • Tips should be 20% in the USA according to a reliable source of mine. Here in Australia where I live we don't tip, wages are considered good enough.

        • well, here in america(I live in Tennessee….in the country haha) tips are maybe $2 per person or $1 per person depending on where you eat. going to a regular restraunt tipping is about 10-15% but the tip in the pic is pretty dead on if 2 ppl are going in together.

        • Entirely too low. No server should make 2$ on a meal. They've worked hard for you for nearly an hour in most cases, and you're not even giving them enough to put half a gallon of gas in their car. Remember that servers in America don't even make minimum wage before their tips.

        • Please. Nobody gives such terrible service so as to deserve less than 10%. And more than 15 is often appropriate. I'm willing to bet you've never been a waiter before. Try paying your bills on 5% tips. Or filling your gas tank for that matter.
          I think you should watch the people that make your meal 'magically' happen next time you go out. See how much walking they have to do, how much flak they take from snotty, self-centered, rude people, and see how much effort they put in for a few bucks. Maybe stop taking them for granted since you were too lazy to prepare your own meal for yourself at home.

        • Maybe you should think about the people that are treating themselves after saving for 3 months and that's all they can afford. The people that have maybe $200 left in a month (after paying $500 rent) and still have to cover bills, bus pass, and food, and are finally able to enjoy a night out. Those decent, cheerful, NOT rude people can't afford to tip much. So take your sniveling and shove it. We don't exist to give you extra money just because you THINK you work harder than everyone else.

        • If you can't afford to tip appropriately, then YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO GO OUT TO EAT. Period. Good god! What a load of entitled bullshit. I'm a single mom working two jobs that still barely covers my expenses. If I want to go out I DO have to save up. And I STILL manage to factor in a 20% tip. Gratuity=showing gratefulness. I don't know where you're eating, but if you "can't afford" the tip, go to a cheaper restaurant. Oder teh chicken instead of the steak. If you can't look at the menu and figure out before you order how much your tip should be, there's an app for that ffs.

          I may be dirt poor, but it doesn't mean I have to be an asshole to my server who is probably just as poor and hardworking as I am!

        • Oh, and it may help you to tip better if you try to remember: "tips" are actually part of the servers WAGE, only they're the part determined by YOU. They are NOT "extra." It's money they count on, and those tips are why servers are allowed to be paid well below minimum wage in the first place.

        • First of all, it would be smart to remember that this generally only goes in the US. Many other countries include the tips in the salary or in the bill already (by making the price of the food/drinks a bit higher, for example). Tipping as high as I usually do here in the US would be ridiculous there.

          I usually am a generous tipper but I do feel that a tip shouldn't be mandatory or be expected. I easily tip 20 percent, for example, (even though the wife doesn't like it when I do this) but when I eat out with 5 or 6 people and there is a mandatory tip of 15%, they can forget the extra 5 percent as it is something that should be given out of gratitude, not because the waiter is in a pissed mood, takes it out on the customers and still expects a high tip.

          Instead of complaining about people who do not tip accordingly to your standards, you should complain about the system that allows those waiters to get paid well below the minimum wages.

        • Actually, not so much!! not everybody does serve with effort/a smile, and not everybody that goes out is 'too lazy' to prepare a meal. i get a lovely meal 29 days out of 30, but once or twice a month me and my fella go out, never to a stupidly posh place, but just somewhere that does decent food for an ok price. The service has been everywhere between great and shit, and we have tipped accordingly.

          I think people are getting wound up over the percentage and forgetting we're here cause we're geeks, not because we are etiquette tutors. FUCKIN' PI, MAN!!!!

        • Unless they never go to your table to even take your order, then no, nobody gives such bad service that they deserve less than 5%. If you think that, your humanity is in question here. Seriously, waiters work hard for what occasions to be (thanks to people like Jennifer Closen up there) very little and still get snapped at and pissed on no matter how cheerful they are while you're crapping on them.

        • ouch, Cal. I can't say I disagree with you. But I differ in that in all my life, I have seen a few, very few servers who were indifferent, sloppy, condescending, flippant, rude, racist or just plain inappropriate for their job. I have been on both sides. If you've been a server, you have too.

        • Even the servers who are rude, indifferent, or condescending may not deserve an extravagant tip, but to tell them that even bringing you food, regardless of their attitude, is not worth any money? Not at all?

          If they're not doing their jobs right, you can always speak to a manager and get that person consequential feedback. If you don't tip them AND don't deliver comments on their service, you're stiffing them on money they probably rely on (therefore reinforcing their bad mood and making it less likely that they'll want to give you or anyone else good service anyway) AND making it worse for the next person to have that server.

          Bottom line: in most cases, the nicer you are to a server, the nicer they'll be to you.

        • Really because I live in Aus and if the service is good then yeah we tip. That and if the waiter is hot, then we tip along with a number. That's only in certain resteraunts though, general caf'es and burger joint don't count.

        • My wife gets pissed off at me if I tip higher than 15 percent lol.. I often do it, though, but many people here don't. 15% is much more customary in the area I live in.

        • ahh but in ausie you have a very high minimum wage, more than twice what it is in the US,…..plus many states have what's called a tip credit where as long as the tips are coming up to minimum wage the employer only has to pay you 2.13 or so an hour

  2. Here in New Zealand we don't top either. You get your wages and that's it. And that's like $13 an hour or something. I forget.
    I got tipped once when I was making coffee in a cafe, and my boss didn't even let me keep it.

  3. Tips in costa rica are what ever you want, actually its not included on te reciept, and they dont ask for it, you just leave a coin (less than a dollar) and if its really good like two dollars, but you dont have to tip if you dont want.

      • Well if its a tip by law…. its not a tip at all, its a tax….. Tips are a choice no matter where you are i the world, there is no set %…. the tipper gives as much or as little as they like.

        Here in the UK, if you get a bill and there is a "service charge" you can ask for it to be removed because that is a stealth tax/tip which they use to top up wages so they dont have to pay a propper wage out of thier profits……. Just give the person that has served you a "secret" handshake… that is a tip…. A living wage +tips.

    • I can't think of a single state in which the waiting wage is less than three dollars now. Actually, I was curious, and I looked it up. In some states, it is still as low as $2.50. Where I live, it's $5.00, and that's over half of min. wage anyways. Yes, it's a crappy, often thankless, job. But 15% is the norm, and always has been the norm in the U.S. That's what our blue- and white- collar, baby boomer parents or grandparents were taught, and that's what we were taught. The next generation… that's another story. I am constantly covering many of my friends (whose parents were not raised by baby-boomers) because they leave crappy tips. It's frustrating, but I deal with it.

      I was taught, by my wonderful and loving parents who BOTH have had service industry jobs where they relied on tips, to tip on a sliding scale. When I walk in the door of a restaurant, the tip is 15%. If I get average service, it stays there. If I get poor service (the order is wrong, the server is rude–typically things that can be attributed to the server), the tip goes down, and if the service is great, the tip goes up. I once tipped my waitress 22% because she not only repaired what the kitchen had missed with my dish, but she made sure that the rest of the night was amazing–and didn't neglect any of her other tables.

      Tips are NOT mandatory. They are an expression of my thankfulness to be served, and how I estimate that service to be.

      • I live in NC and servers make $2.13/hour. State: found. As far as I know it's $2.13 in SC too.

        15%- 20% is an acceptable tip range for good to great service. More is always appreciated for outstanding service. Less than 15% should only be given for extremely poor service. Let's just face facts that this guy left a bad tip.

        Tips are not mandatory, but they are absolutely expected. If you are sitting in a booth having your food and drink cooked for you and brought to you, you are obviously paying for a service, and the service is not included in the price of the food. If you don't want to have to tip, get take-out.

        • This guy may not have left a bad tip….we don't know that it wasn't take-out…… AND yes all take out food places here in the ATL atleast have a line for tip

  4. I love all this "wages are enough in OUR country." Well, if servers were paid THIRTEEN DOLLARS AN HOUR in the US, tipping wouldn't be an issue. But anyone who recieves tips as part of their pay each day is almost always paid WELL BELOW minimum wage… which isn't even at eight bucks an hour yet, last time I checked. Servers make NOTHING… few bucks an hour… three maybe?

  5. Yes, servers make 2$ an hour and are taxed on tips whether you give them or not. 20% is the norm, not less – unless the service was absolutely horrific. Any of you saying otherwise have never worked in a restaurant and don't know what's it's like to put up with people's crap. I have only tipped less than 20% only twice and believe me, they worked hard to piss me off that much. Don't blame your servers for kitchen f-ups, especially if your food was delivered by someone other than your server, and don't treat servers like dogs. Dickwads.

  6. Wow, Left-Pondians are odd. All this fire about getting waiting staff decent tips, why not campaign to get them decent salaries in the first place? Why not boycott any restaurants that don't pay above minimum wage?

    • You're asking Americans to …change? But we don't do that. Or else we might have some…other…benefits that we're a little behind on. *rolls eyes* *coughlikehealthcarecoughcough*

  7. From the UK, and I tend to tip when going out for a proper meal but generally not when just dropping in somewhere for a coffee.

    One point I do make is to actually ask the person serving me if they receive the tips people give them, or if the work places policy is to take all the tips and put it all together than split it evenly across all the staff or such.

    Surprising some of the answers you get when you ask, someone people even say they're not allowed to say if they receive the tips from their own customers or not, but I always leave the tip as change alongside the bill.

    Never pay the tip on a card or as part of the bill itself.

  8. Hey,
    i really feel for the people for people that work their asses off all evening for very little pay but i don't see that reflected in my bill. I'm not on amazing wage myself and after paying out for a half decent meal i might put a little extra as a thank you. Though i don't go to a restaurant with a thought for the waiters charity in the back of my head. As stainless steel cat said Its not tips we should be thinking about but the fair wages in the first place.

  9. Spent two years working in a four star hotel in Scotland and the tips were abysmal. It was only really the foreign customers who tipped (especially the American ones); the Brits tend not to do it.

    • Because in the UK, people don't tip unless the services are incredibly fantastic. You get AT LEAST minimum wage for ANY job you do, its the law (and a well-policed one at that), unless you get the very rare jobs where your boss is a complete law-breaking arsehole. Food and drink prices are slightly higher also to factor in what you would've got, on average, from tips. I live in the UK, my mums a single parent who has done this work before, and a few of my close friends are waitresses or bar staff. I think I should know. Don't expect tips in places that already give you enough specifically so that tips aren't required.

  10. I'm British and I don't tip out of tradition but only when the extra money is justified. This doesn't mean that at every restaurant I pay 20% I just look at whether the service persons smile and do their job.

    Frankly I went there to pay for a product and the product was the meal and service. When restaurants include the service on the receipt I have to return it because even with this it will be unlikely that money will find its way to the nice lady who served me.

  11. @ Lizi-Jane. My thoughts entirely! I think it is a really cool picture and a seriously clever (geeky) tip! The long diatribe on who tips how much in which country should be left for the forums on tripadvisor! (or is it tipadvisor!)

    • People in school who have very tight availability and need to make some money can't exactly get a different job. It's that or nothing. And I'm not getting my degree (so that I CAN eventually get a different job) without paying for it, unless they change the higher education system tomorrow and make it free.

        • Frequently, no. Just yesterday I helped serve a party of twenty people, and they were falling over themselves to tell us how excellent the service was.

          As they were leaving, I heard them complaining to one another about how ridiculous it was that gratuity was included. They would have left far less than the included 15% if they could.

          I *love* it when people tell me what a great server I am only to leave me chump change, literally. Drop it in the charity box at McDonald's if you want to hear a satisfying 'clink', people.

  12. First of all- a big ty to GAS for generally awesome content.
    Second of all, for a geek website, you people missed the point entirely, and thus apparently missed the joke.

    Where is your basic mathematics?! You can't tip pi like this… Only if you give em a bank account and make sure the money keeps flowing forever can you tip somebody pi…. they calculated wrongly… Irrational numbers…


    Money makes people act strange and lose their sense of humour… And I'm saying this typing on a shitty uni comp cause I can't afford my own…

  13. Small correction… Second line:

    "Second of all, for a geek website AUDIENCE, you people missed the point entirely, and thus apparently missed the joke."


  14. Can't resist jumping in. I have been a server here in the US and a Human Resource Manager for a restaurant. SOO One for lunch it's really expected that one will tip between 10%-15% with 20% at lunch being for awesome service. At dinner 15%-20% is totally great again with 20% being at the exceptional end of service. AND yes, your server needs to be good at what they do to get a good tip, it shouldn't just be given out of pity (thats why we end up with crappy servers) they will leave if they can't make their money because they are not good. ALSO I am sooo tired about hearing about server minimum wage…whine whine whine…the truth is Servers are paid below minimum wage bc they are also tipped. BUT if those tips for the night do not equal to at or above minimum wage (7.25) per hour – your employer must reimburse your pay to equal federal minimum wage (and if their not – you can report them to the appropriate agency in your state) GOOD severs make more than minimum wage anyway (and remember the average pay you can read online is assuming that the servers are reporting ALL their tips- and most don't) – Blast Away if you must…

    • Yea boo hoo. I tip rounding up or 10%, which ever is the highest. I make minimum wage on my job, I wish someone would tip me.

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