That Moment When You See A Car That ‘Gets It’

Ah. nerd culture. We truly have taken over the world, as this car’s perfect sticker placement proves. (Imgur) Advertisements


Top 10 Video Game Franchise Rivalries

Rivalries in games are a huge element to gaming, but what about the actual rivalries between game franchises and the characters they created? Think Mario versus Sonic for a perfect example. These rivalries are often so passionate, it is almost like we are shouting for our favorite sports team. But what is your favorite video […]

Top 10 Rivalries in Video Games

What would video games be without rivalries? Mario without a Bowser to bring down would only be half as fun. Link without a Ganon would be like a day without sunshine. The point being, rivalries in video games help make them what they are and definitely factor in to why we love certain franchises as […]

‘Absolutely Rose Street’, A 1994 Infomercial for the Sega 32X Add-On for the Sega Genesis Video Game Console

Infomercials from the 90’s were really odd. A commercial that bought up enough screen time that it is essentially disguised as a one-off show used to shill that product. The following ‘Absolute Rose Street’ was there to help push the Sega 32X peripheral to Genesis owners is just that. Weird. But also very nostalgic in […]

This Isn’t Me, But It’s All of Us

I’m JDO, the new guy here on the weekends. It’s all well and good for geeks to be sexy, I get that, but for my first post here at GAS I wanted to sit down and have a little heart to heart with you fine folks. Take a look at the above picture.  I found […]