24-Fingered Head Washing Robot

This Panasonic-branded head washing robot will wash, rinse and dry your hair while massaging your scalp, thanks to its 24 finger design. The robot is due out for commercial release in 2012.

[Via Laughing Squid]


3 Responses to 24-Fingered Head Washing Robot

  1. Bet that cost alot of money so, Buying that for a fortune or hire a pretty girl to do the same for a year?
    I know my pick.

  2. it would be like going to the salon every day… Still, I can’t help but wonder how many test dummy heads were ‘sploded in the making of this device.

  3. The Japanese have a large population of senior citizens, while there are less and less younger folks each year. They are pitching utilizing robots such as this, for senior care. So, yeah, it looks like an absurd waste of money, until you realize it's for health care in a nation with a dwindling work force. Think "Wall-E" with instead of fat lazy folks, simply old and unable to care for themselves as well as their earlier years.

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