S-Wing Fighter

What? You guys think that the X-Wing, BTL-S3 Y-Wing, and B-Wing Starfighters are the only starcrafts shaped like letters of the alphabet in Star Wars, do you? Your lack of alphabet-shaped starcraft knowledge disturbs me …

Here’s the S-Wing Fighter, as envisioned by Angus MacLane for The Alphabet Fighter contest by LEGO enthusiast website From Bricks to Bothans.



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  1. I'm sorry, but I don't remember the B-Wing looking much like a "B" (or a "b"). I always thought it looked more like a lower case "t", but maybe that is my opinion. Although if you look at it from the top, the A-wing does look a bit like an "A".

  2. Your lack of alphabet-shaped [b]starcraft[/b] knowledge disturbs me

    don't know if bb codes work on here, but you might want to revise the above ^. just saying

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