Lego Sculptures Casts a Myriad of Stunning Shadow Imagery

When I saw this astounding video today on LaughingSquid about artist and scientist John V Muntean¬†I thought one thing and one thing only: How lucky am I to get to share and spread the cool work of of people like John for a living? A little more about the man for those interested, in his […]

Man Gains Special Ability To Have Anything He Touches Turn Lego (Short Film)

What would you do if you had the power to turn anything you touched to Lego? Would you go as far as they go in this fantastically creative video by the guys over at Corridor Digital? You wanna say no, but how would you know unless you yielded the true power of Lego? Below shows […]

6 Lego Games We Would Love To See

Lego Game of Thrones, huh? That sounds a little traumatizing, actually. (Zoomin. TV. Games)

‘Disney Infinity’ Just Won Life

Best reference of all time. Even Disney knows how much Jar Jar sucked. [Disney Infinity 3.0 | (Imgur)]

LEGO Dimensions: Story Trailer

Wait a damn second here? Did I just see Batman in Middle Earth? Um, this may be the greatest game ever, and this is coming from me just seeing the trailer. This is so good I am gonna be waiting for days for someone to tell me it’s a prank or a fake trailer. I […]

‘Lego Marvel’ Has Easter Eggs Stacked Upon Easter Eggs

So I want you to take a moment to look at the Lego Marvel easter egg(s) above. You have an Indiana Jones egg which turns into a Samuel L. Jackson egg, which then evolves into a Snakes on a Plane easter egg. That is eggception, and proof that game writers probably don’t get paid enough […]

Ben Affleck’s Lego Batmobile Revealed

So above is the new Ben Affleck Batmobile Lego minifig that supposedly is taken from the Dawn of Justice version of Batman coming to the silver screen next year. The actual Batmobile here is said to be a pretty accurate portrayal of what we will see on-screen, with the lego indents being missing from the […]

‘Big Bang Theory’ Gets Awesome Lego Set

Safe to say that it is only a matter of time before every single thing gets a Lego version. Keep in mind, you are talking to someone who totally approves of this trend. Lego’s are awesome, and only made better when crossed with some pop culture phenom. In this case, The Big Bang Theory.¬† Think […]