Steampunk Iron Man FTW [Pictures]


Matt Silva of Penny Dreadful Productions might be my hero of the day. This steampunk Iron Man is a serious piece of handiwork. There are exactly zero details about this on the website (it’s under heavy maintenance), but all told I think it’s a remarkable steampunk/comics mashup.

[via How to Be a Retronaut]


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  1. This suit was built for the short film Heartless from WhiteStone Motion Pictures. Bill Johnson was the lead designer and along with Matt Silva and other assistants they put together the TinMan suit. After its use for the film and promotion it was re-purposed as a Steampunk Iron Man that showed at NYCC 2010. If you would like to see the short film go to

  2. Yesssss yess, old news.
    The designer got mad, Everyone thought the kid stole it.
    Turns out the kid was the key suit builder(Ooops guess that changes the story)
    Now every ones mad at the designer.
    But wait Now the Film company gives the blessing over Steampunk Iron man… When does this ride end?
    Turns out the designer and Key builder patched it up fast, Worst thing about this stupid story is that it ever hit the web. Alls well that ends well
    Moving on

  3. Matt Silva here, All drama aside you really ought to give credit of Heroes of the day to Bill "splat" Johnson who designed the original suit and Teamed with me to sculpt, mold, cast and create the whole thing, And also to WHitestone Motion Pictures for even buying the thing in the first place.
    Bill and I are back to being great friends, in fact was just working with him on 3 stooges this past weekend.
    But again, if the editor of this post wouldnt mind giving due credit to those two, That would be Awesome!

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