3500-Piece LEGO Porsche [Video]

Fernando of Sheepo’s Garage built this Porsche 911 (997) Turbo Cabriolet PDK

The car maintains all proportions of the real 911 and comprises a pretty impressive set of materials: 3500 parts and more than 6 meters of wires, 3 PF controllers, 3 IR PF Receivers, 2 RC motors, 1 PF XL motor, 5 PF M motors, 3 PF lights, 2 Lithium batteries, 1 PF switch,  3 PF wires 50c, 3 PF wires 20cm. The doors all lock and the windshield is at the correct 22-degree angle, to boot.

And, if you’d like to build your own Porsche 911 (997), Sheepo has downloadable instructions for the chassis and axles.


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