Embrace Your Geekness Day Plans? [Open-Thread]

Pretty much every day is Embrace Your Geekness Day here at Geeks Are Sexy, but July 13th is the official holiday set aside by the folks at wellcat.com, who have 80+ Wellcat Holidays to “celebrate life and its many quirky moments.” The suggested celebratory activities:

Into dungeon games, comic books and doing vampire dress-up? Spend endless hours going strange places on the internet? You’re a geek, and this is the day to roar!

I don’t know about you Geeks, but I’m down. Of course, it’s Wednesday (comics day!) and clearly we’re all already online, so you guys tell me: What’s in the works for Embrace Your Geekness Day? Personally, I propose an official edit to the title, since “geekiness” is the more familiar term. But I think I’d settle for a meme party on Google+ while wearing my favorite shirt and watching Firefly (again and again), which is exactly what I’ve got going on.

 So, what is it? The Guild? Your guild? Star Wars marathon (minus the prequels because you know why) or building an explosive lemon or what? Share your gee(i)ness with us in the comments!




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  1. I am going to continue to watch Harry Potter, prepping for tomorrow night. Going to the midnight showing in costume with home-made wands! Also considering rolling up Kinder Bard for a Planescape game.

    • My wife and I got tickets for a double feature to watch part one and part two tomorrow..

      Oh, for you kiddies, a double feature is when you get to watch two movies in a row on one ticket.. (^_^)

  2. Every Wednesday a few friends and I get together to work on our costumes for Dragon*Con. So it'll be business as usual for us! Tonight I'll be sewing my Medal Ceremony Leia costume.

  3. Put on my SpongeBob Shirt, rearranged all my orchards in FarmVille and try to decide whether rerun The Big Bang Thory or going on with the Game of Thrones…. ahhh and Coffee… lots of Coffee! Too bad I found out about July 13 just when its about to be all gone here :o(

  4. I just finished articulating a rat skeleton and dressing it as Death of Rats from Discworld, so tonight I'm going to get some soil (from one of the players in the Harry Potter RPG I run) to grow a mini crop circle (it will be grass growing between the lines of a stencil I drew of the Time Lord emblem), and then put in some work on Jenner from Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIHM (which will be an articulated rat skeleton on a steampunk flying machine toy).

  5. catch up on my anime, study japanese, go to a movie in Japan Cuts and eat ramen meanwhile reminiscing naruto

  6. geekday it is, much to learn i still have. the lazy side is strong within me, but working i must. so sadly no time for an awesome star wars marathon. and since its already 9.30 pm in germany i will spend my remaining time for today with some korean psycho movie :D geektastic greetz to all of you nerds!

  7. Firefly, thats a given, EVERYDAY is firefly day, modding M2tw some, not alot i can do being broke and in a place where i hardly know anyone at all, but will see what i can come up with

    • Not to mention I've also been working on modding on Minecraft, and the every day running of the wiki I set up a while back. And I finished a book I got out from the library yesterday. I forget these little everyday bits of geekness :P

  8. I'm spending the day building a new VMware lab at my home office. I'll be reading MangaFox.com while waiting for software installations to complete. All this time I'll be walking at my treadmill desk..

  9. I'm desperately trying to figure out how to make Dark Eldar Wych armor for my first cosplay. Which I think falls well within the realm of 'nerd'

  10. Playing through Oblivion for the first time in preparation for Sky Rim. This is an alternative to watching the 1977 animated classic, The Hobbit, with my kids because they misbehaved tonight, so I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it with them :(

  11. Well I played a Savage Worlds game yesterday and I've got a Pathfinder game tomorrow and a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game Friday, PF and SW this week were both over Google+.

  12. Watching season 5 of Doctor Who over again (Matt Smith is my favorite, even though I've been watching since the beginning), and playing DOTA. :))

  13. Even though I didn't know about this yesterday, I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, ate a load of Jelly Babies (Fourth Doctor anyone?), bought Still Got Legs on iTunes and re-read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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