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  1. My experience with IT support is that they're no more bright than the customers they laugh at. They mostly just go through canned answers out of a script with no idea what they're saying. Their scripts rarely work, their troubleshooting follows predictable patterns which I've already done prior to calling, some even gave bad advise which I know had nothing to do with my problem.

    • You want to know the reason behind that? Most people out there don't know the steps they should go through when trouble shooting – and because most people think they do, they think they have some super-complicated problem. Most of the time, it's some setting they touched (and shouldn't have) – so these companies go through these steps to check to see if any settings were changed (most of the time, this was the problem), and set them back to the appropriate configuration.
      once they've gone through these scripts, then they can pass you off to someone who really knows the machine and how to identify a problem.
      So it saves the company money and time in training employees, and saves the people who went to school for thing like IT the frustration of constantly having to tell people to reset their screen resolution to the native aspect, or to click "ok" when a program asks for permission to update.
      Unfortunately, it's people like you and I who suffer for this – because when we call support, you know it's serious.

    • There is a HUGE difference between IT techs and the "help desk" or "tech support". Alot of companies sub-contract their "support" to non-US companies where the first thing they get trained is how to speak English. IT techs on the other hand, aren't your script reading, phone support personnel, usually. (Depends on the size of the country). If there is something wrong with your machine, and you know what doesn't have to do with your problem, you are then saying you know what does have to do with your problem, and if thats the case, you're wasting your techs time. Also, one of the reasons techs go through "predictable patterns" is because we don't know what you've done, or worse, what you've done may have had unforeseen side effects. If it sounds like they have "no idea what they're saying" is most likely because they say it four thousand times a day, to people who have all done things prior to calling, know exactly what their problem is, and know how to fix it, yet somehow, haven't.

    • This is the exact reason why I stay unemployed…… troubleshooting is a lost art in business…… I hope they enjoy spending 3x the amount of money to save a few bucks per hour….. the bottom line looks nicer, but I cannot see how they are saving any real money

  2. that is a phone center, IT Support in this case is a guy in a cube who works at a company, totally different kind of support

    • Actually it can be both. I worked cubicle tech support for Verizon, and we went through like 3 weeks of training and had to actually know what we were doing (the first time I was hired at least). Unfortunately, when I quit and had to go back, it was a bunch of people who hadn't even turned on computers before *facepalm*

  3. that is a phone center, IT Support in this case is a guy in a cube who works at a company, totally different kind of support

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