Batman vs. Wolverine [Video]

Fanfilms are getting more awesome all the time. We showed you Kaydara before, the Matrix-universe movie. This time, it’s Batman Délivrance, a fan film by Atomic Productions. Bruce Wayne retires his mask, takes up drinking, and before you know it, Gotham City is overrun with Arkham Asylum escapees and mutants. Will the Dark Knight come out of hiding and take on one last adamantium-boned foe?

(The film is in French with English subtitles.)


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  1. wolverine would tear batman to shreds…..unless one of batmans nifty weapons imobilizes him in some manner first ….the scene could have been better imo but then again i couldnt make one of these in the first place

  2. It was fairly well done (aside from being in French… I hate "reading" a movie), but why in the world would Batman even be fighting Wolverine?  Has Wolverine become evil?  And of course, Batman wouldn't have a chance unless he did something to fry Wolverine's brain or such when he had him immobilized.

  3. Couldn't watch it, between subtitles and being black and white, I just didn't have any interest.

    But in regards to the notion that Wolverine would win…. that isn't true. Batman has beaten Superman a number of times, and when they work together, what Batman says, goes. Not just with Superman, but the entire Justice League. It's not about powers, it's about intelligence and cunning (and stealth, where possible/appropriate).

    Think of others in his rogues gallery – Clayface, and Bane, for instance. Bane is basically 'hulked out' and masively resistant to damage and incredibly strong. Clayface can change shape (and color and voice) at will like a T-1000 that can mess with your psyche to boot. Then there's the undead monster Solomon Grundy.

    Anyone he can't go toe to toe with directly, he deals with in other means.

    For the record, yes, I am a Batman fan, but… I'm really a Marvel fan and rather dislike DC ('cept for Batman), and have been more of a Wolverine fan for longer (than I have been a Batman fan).

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