Dear [GAS] Readers: Let’s Do Science

Here at [GAS] we like to highlight the fact that being smart and appreciating pop culture and technology can still be totally hot, as evidenced by the multitude of boom anime babes we’ve featured and frequent Nathan Fillion references. But geeks are also geeky, right? Recently, a commenter on our Facebook page got straight to the point: “LESS BIKINIS, MOAR SCIENCE.” I’ll forgive him his egregious misuse of less/fewer, but only because he was right: geeks like to learn stuff. And we like giving you what you like; [GAS] readers are our favorite people.

Before I stepped out of Office Space and into the perilous abyss that is freelance writing, I was a researcher in an OTC-drug and cosmetics laboratory. (No, we didn’t do any animal testing; the only lab rats we kept were a few brave colleagues and myself.) While the job mostly involved chemistry and physiology, I’m not ever surprised to find myself watching TED talks about quantum physics and getting overly excited about video of solar flares. And, yes, I intentionally performed a few volatile reactions just to liven up the place.

With that in mind, I have an idea. Clearly my interests skew science-ward, which tells me the same is true for many of you. I’d like the opportunity to talk about that sort of thing–if you all are interested. It’s all on the table here. If you want to skip the talk about DNA-based computation or the competing ideas about dark matter’s mysterious properties, speak up.

I’m opening this post to requests.   Would a regular, probably-unsexy column on thinky topics be of interest? And if yes, then what specific subject would you like to know more about?