New Disney Star Tours Commercial [Video]

Oh the nostalgia of DisneyWorld! It’s been exactly a year today since I last went there, and if I could, I’d probably go back again this year, especially since they’re opening the new Star Tours attraction tomorrow. Anyways, enough with my teary-eyed whining now! Here’s the new commercial promoting the revamped attraction. Enjoy!


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  1.  i went there a few years ago, and was thoroughly disappointed, wasn't worth the money at all.  why pay hundreds of dollars to sit in line all day, even if you have the pass that lets you wait in a shorter line, still sucks.

  2. Well, the max amount of time we had to wait to get on a ride was 20 minutes… and it happened once during the 7 days I was there. To tell you frankly, this was probably the best vacation I had in my entire life. I guess the key is to go during the low season….

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