Brazilian Children Break LEGO Tower Record [Video]

Five-hundred thousand LEGO blocks later, Brazil has broken the Tallest LEGO Tower record.

At 102-feet and 3-inches tall, the tower was built by 6000 volunteers (mostly children) and a couple of guys with a crane. My question is, who gets to knock it down? And can I come help?

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  1.  As a LEGO user and designer, I can tell you that this does NOT break the record. The record is for 100% LEGO pieces. They used non-LEGO to keep it together. It's a nice attempt, though.

    • I'm fairly certain the title of the record is "Tallest LEGO Tower." No where in that does it say 100%. Also, the only thing they are using non-LEGO pieces for is to make sure that 6000 kids aren't crushed because the breeze happens to pick up. What's wrong with just letting these kids have their moment?

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