The Age of the Earth According to People on the Street [Video]

With the exception of Creationists (which is another post entirely), most people know the Earth took a very long time to coalesce and form the big, wet, spinning rock we call home. How long, however, is not common knowledge… apparently. Watch as a sad sort of misinformed hilarity ensues:

The guy who said “A couple of months, I guess” may be right on a philosophical level, but the answer to “How old is the Earth?” is “About 4.5 billion years.” Please: tell your friends.


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  1. Reminds me of an amusing comment I read today. "2300
    BCE The Egyptian third dynasty is still building pyramids, not
    realizing there's a wordwide flood, and that they, are in fact, dead.""

  2. if that is a fact…why is NASA spending billions on instruments and satellites such as the genesis project and the latest Alpha Magnetic Spectrometerand I quote: '' The 7-tonne Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) will sift cosmic rays over
    the next decade, looking for clues to the origin and make-up of the

  3. I believe that Carl Sagan gave the best analogy for how old the Universe is. Compress everything up to the moment the Big Bang happened, to the moment you're reading this comment onto a single calendar year. It wasn't until October that life began to evolve. Mid December did Fish make their first appearance. Early December 31st did Dinosaurs come and go, and only within the last few seconds of December 31st (Approx. 11:59:45pm) did Humans evolve, make tools, domesticate animals and all the other fun stuff we've done in our history.

  4.  "So what you're saying is… there was nothing… but then it exploded!"

    The only "Big Bang Theory" that I appreciate is the tv show =P

  5. I could point out that radiocarbon dating, potassium-argon dating, uranium-lead dating, and the like give extremely accurate radioactive isotope decay rate data for us to quanify geologic timescales, but I'd be wasting my time, right?

  6.  Ahh Sean Connery- the master of the obvious.

    Yeah, the point was that you can find "stupid people" everywhere.

    Including here it would seem.

  7. Dear everyone:
                           As a religious person myself I find it annoying, to say the least, when some Christians seem to be blind when there is all the evidence in the world in front of them; but what annoys me even more is when other people tar us all with the same brush. I also get annoyed when people say the two can't exist together like Einstein said "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.". But above all else, from a scientific perspective, I hate it when people dictate that the big bang and evolution must be fact and that there are no other options. Any fully understanding geek, or scientist, would tell you that we cannot assume for one second we have it perfectly correct and that saying that we do is as naive as saying the world is 6 thousand years old. We must continue to look on and search for knowledge for we will never fully understand our wondrous world, and if we ever come to that point;  …please kill me.         Yours faithfully,
                                  "The Open-Minded" 

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