Geeky Retro Breakfast Cereals [Pics]

Have you been down the cereal aisle at the grocery store lately?  It’s nothing but whole grain oats, added fiber, protein clusters, and boring old flakes.  Gone are the days of cereal with a cartoon or movie tie-in that contain far too much sugar, chocolate, or marshmallows than any human should ever ingest, even  spread out over a six-hour Saturday morning cartoon marathon.

But Ian Glaubinger obviously remembers the old days of G.I. Joe Action Stars, C-3PO’s, and  Mister T Cereal, because he’s created an excellent homage to the good ol’ days with his own line of movie tie-in cereals.

While, yes, there were real tie-in cereals for both Gremlins and Ghostbusters, they weren’t nearly as cool as Ian’s creations.  I mean, the real Ghostbusters cereal didn’t have a game to test if you were psychic!

Check out more of his incredible retro-inspired artwork over at his website.



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