My ‘Hands-On’ Experience with A Hands Free Electric Scooter (That Is Essentially A Hoverboard)

This is called a hands free electric scooter. It is basically a Segway without handles, and about as close as we can possibly come right now to the existence of an actual hoverboard. A friend of mine procured six of them (you read that correctly) and wanted to see what I thought. So how do […]

Finally You Can Have Your Own Flux Capacitor!

I’m sorry, I can’t really talk right now. I am too busy ordering my Flux Capacitor replica from ThinkGeek.  Seriously, that is all I have to say about this awesomeness. You’ll have to pump in your own 1.21 gigawatts (pronounced and written in the script as “jigowatts,” which was the accepted pronunciation at the time) to […]

We Are Finally Getting ‘Back to the Future II’ Shoes from Nike This Year!

Remember the sick, auto-fitting Back to the Future II shoes? The one’s that the movie predicted people would be wearing in 2015? The above photo proves that for once, a movie wasn’t lying to you. A Nike designer has come out and pretty much confirmed the shoes will be ready for release sometime this year, auto-lacing […]