Use Your Mind to Dial the Phone

In yet another thought-controlled technology breakthrough, researchers from the University of California in San Diego have developed a Bluetooth device that allows the wearer to dial a phone by concentrating on the numbers they would normally just input manually.

The days of the old-fashioned “actually touch the phone” method of dialing are not gone, however. It’s not as easy as just thinking “555-5309”: the process involves headgear and electrodes, a screen with flashing numerals, and time. It’s a slow process that exhibits only 70-85% accuracy at this stage, so don’t expect an app for that anytime soon.

The goals of the project are more far-reaching than simply making the oh-so-tedious act of dialing a number less strenuous: researchers are aiming to improve all-over brain computer interface technology, making it more accessible and applicable to everyday gadgets–a development that could potentially improve communications for those with physical limitations.

The full report is available on IOPscience for free.


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