The Awesome Art of Christopher Bennett [Pics]

While I was browsing geekleetist today (one of my favorite tumblr blog, be sure to check this one out!), I stumbled on a post pointing to Christopher Bennett’s Etsy shop, and boy was I pleased by what I saw in there. Christopher Bennett, aka Mechamonkey on Etsy, is a Glendale, CA-based artist who works full time as an animator, but makes fabulous illustrations during his spare time at night. Three words to decribe his work? Geeky, sexy, and just plain awesome.

Captain William Adama


Executive Officer Saul Tigh

Mech Pilot

Anna from V

I Love Music

All of Christopher’s illustrations are available for purchase in his shop, but they’re available in limited quantity, so if you’re interested in a certain piece, be sure to snatch it up before it’s gone for good! You can also check his Deviantart art gallery right here.

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