New Myndplay System: Control the Movie with Your Emotions [Video]

A new interactive system called Myndplay launches today, a development in media technology that allows the viewer to control key plot points in a film via brain wave activity. A headset equipped with electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors translates the brain’s electrical activity patterns into basic emotional responses, then uses these readings to control the options available within the interactive Myndplay films. It’s like a new generation of Choose Your Own Adventure books, only as movies and with no pesky reading or page turning or decision making.

The system launches today at the Gadget Show in Birmingham, UK; there are currently two short films available (Paranormal Mynd, in which the viewer is an exorcist, and Bullet Dodger, a gangster noir) with another three–featuring an assassin, a bank robbery, and Gaelic mythology–slated for release today.

The headset will run you 79GBP and the films go for 1 – 3GBP. The software download is free and available on the official Myndplay site.

“They [the viewers] choose the direction, they decide the outcome. Whether they want to or not, their mind controls the outcome.”

Personally, I find this concept creepy. What say you, Geeks? Is this awesome or not?

[via New Scientist]


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  1. Are you kidding, it's awesome…A full movie with a lot of "key moments like this" is my idea of the renewal of the cinema "geek-made"…no dices, no pencil, just my brain a can of beer and my girl friend…wait…imagine with pr0n…ok it's too much…

  2. This is the worst idea I've ever seen. The whole point of a movie is that it's non-interactive. A movie tells a story involving characters that we love and hate because of who they are and the choices they make. Giving us the ability to influence a movie's plot not only destroys our sense of relation with a character, but also the sense that we are being told a story. Interactive movies have been tried before, they don't work because big directors are not interested in them, and for good reason, so all we are left with is shitty low-budget films that nobody wants to watch anyway. The fact that we can determine the outcome of these crappy films doesn't make them any more appealing.

    This will bomb, I guarantee it.

  3. Call me old fashioned, but when I watch a movie I just want to sit down and watch the damn movie! >.< I don't want to wear stupid glasses so it can "pop out" at me, I don't want to interact with it… I just wanna sit down and watch a story unfold as it was written.

    Better use for this technology? Interactive educational television shows for pre-schoolers.

  4. thinkin of the prudish american 'free for 12 year old' movies,…
    what if i fancy one of the actresses that much that i get horny by watching her acting even dressed, would they prepare an option in which she would get squelchy with every other male actor? …. just askin.
    most unlikely, isnt it, so my mood would change then, cause my need wasnt satisfied, i would get angry. what would they try to get me to then, more angry till i wreck the TV set, sum funny to get my thoughts somewhere else, some boring to calm me down?
    Emotions can be controlled by pictures. The right director will be able to give you what you want in first place. The writer gives you the story, the director the emotions. Maybe Hollywood has forgotten that, as many bad movies are out these days. Maybe the american audience is already emotional so messed up, they cant feel much anymore….
    There is one application for these invention: The shrinks office. If someone has issues, it might be a good idea to get him via this controlling system in the right mood.

  5. I think it's a bad idea because if I'm sitting in a movie theater with a lot of morons who thought Transformers was a good movie, then they will ruin whatever I'm trying to watch. Whether you like it or not, what happens in the movie is the directors art. I don't want that art being transferred to morons who just want an explosion and no plot… not at ten dollars for a ticket. It's a fun concept and may lead the way to other breakthroughs, but it is, at best, a gimmick. It sounds like the new 3D.

  6. Perhaps I am oversimplifying this, but from what I understand, it reads your emotions and gives you exactly what you want to watch.

    So where's the challenge in that? I have often sat down to watch a movie thinking that I would just watch it and not feel anything–even choosing to not feel anything–and been very challenged by the concept. The first time I watched Donnie Darko, for instance. It was pitched to me as a sappy teen drama with a mental issue, so I was ready to just tune it out. But that's not what the movie was at all.

    It seems like this "Myndplay" concept takes all the challenge out of watching a film. Part of why I love-hate some movies is because the ending wasn't what I would have wanted. Fallen (spoiler alert) ends with the bad guy winning just when I thought Denzel's character had him. Pan's Labyrinth kills off one of my favorite characters, someone who reminds me of myself, so of COURSE I wouldn't have wanted to see her die! And so on.

    What I'm saying is that if I always chose the path of the film, then my imagination, nor my ideas, would never be expanded by those few good movies I'm able to find and watch.

  7. Great comments here. The idea of a movie is, to some degree, mindless entertainment. I read this as no work, just sitting back and being entertained. The sheer knowledge our thoughts could control a film means work to me. I'd be the director in my mind, constantly analyzing my next thought for the next scene. Whew…exhausting.

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