Progress: Why Can’t Computers Just Be Honest About It? [Pic]


Love what YOU love – Ray Bradbury [Pic]

This amazing letter was sent to a child by Fahrenheit 451 author Ray Bradbury back in October 1991. Unfortunately, we don’t have the context in which the letter was sent, but the important part of the message is there: Love what YOU love. Thanks John!

The Truth about George [T-Shirt]

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The Most Iconic Fictional Vehicle: The Death Star [Infographic]

The Galactic Empire was an authoritarian government that used fear to rule the galaxy. To maintain order and control, the Empire built a series of Death Stars, moon-sized battle stations with lasers that could destroy planets. What better for the Car Insurance Guide, in partnership with Geeks are Sexy, to chronicle than the Death Star? […]

Two new planets could explain Earth’s Moon

A NASA telescope has discovered two planets sharing an identical orbit. It’s the first time that’s been found in reality, and gives a little more weight (or should that be mass?) to a theory about the formation of our Moon. The Kepler telescope is housed on a spacecraft that trails our solar system in a […]


Get it? :) [Via]

Creepy Ewok Backpack [Pic]

Yikes! That head looks almost real… well, as real as it looks in the movie, of course. [Via]

Fail Compilation – February 2011

It’s a slow morning today, so here’s a little something to keep you entertained until I’m fully awake ;) [Via Reddit]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The February 28th Edition

–The Late Movies: Machine Music One subject I come back to again and again is unusual musical instruments. Besides instruments you rarely encounter, people use everyday objects to make music. We also use natural resources to produce melodies. –Kite-Powered Electric Car Crosses Australia Using Only $15 Worth of Electricity The Wind Explorer–a kite-assisted lightweight electric […]

Sucker Punch Retro-Style Movie Posters + New Trailer

Just a month before the release date of Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, Warners Bros. unveiled a whole new trailer for the movie along with a bunch of absolutely amazing retro-style posters. You can see the first one on top of this paragraph, and the rest, along with movie trailer, are right after the jump.

Awesome New iPhone Game: Tiny Wings

Angry Birds is like sooooo passé now…. From now on, Tiny Wings is the new hip game on the iPhone. Check it out! [Tiny Wings @ the iTunes Store – $1]

Computers: A Chronological Timeline [Infographic]

The history of computers, from 1938 to 2010, all illustrated via this informative infographic. Enjoy! [Source: Test King]