The Most Iconic Fictional Vehicle: The Death Star [Infographic]

The Galactic Empire was an authoritarian government that used fear to rule the galaxy. To maintain order and control, the Empire built a series of Death Stars, moon-sized battle stations with lasers that could destroy planets. What better for the Car Insurance Guide, in partnership with Geeks are Sexy, to chronicle than the Death Star? Throughout the Star Wars films, two Death Stars are built, the first is completed and later destroyed and the second is under construction when it’s blown up.


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    • Actually, a tractor bean is many times more deadly than a tractor beam. Of course, you have to have the right size tires on your combine if you're gonna pull anything in space…

  1. Math fail. Ratio of diameters does not equate to ratio of "size" – generally as volume. Of course anyone actually proofing the infographic could have looked at it and said, "gee, even in 2-D, the Earth looks way more than 80 times the size of that little tiny spot over there."

    • Adding to Ron's comment: The actual ratio (by volumes) is 505.366,80.

  2. Aweome job!

    Moreover, it would cost $15.96 septillion if we only extracted resources from Earth. They had a whole galaxy from which to extract. I'm wondering what assumptions we could make about other planets in our galaxy and their resource specialties and concentrations we could make to get a more exact price.

    • I am going to recommend IKEA for the furniture (not currently priced). I think flat packing is the only way to go considering the current price. Tell the pilot not to make any sharp turns though

  3. Wait…how would you feed 1,161,293 crewman?? I assume there are food replicators? Or at least a hydroponics bay or something? Where are the cafeterias?? Where's Ten Forward?? Hehe.

  4. Without giving any space to frivolity, I'd comment right away the stars have a predetermined life span as do the organic cells. The only difference, if you like, is one of macro and microcosmic level. Time is relative. Just imagine everything becomes static~ I mean eliminate the concept of change~ then an instant w'd become eternity and time~ space as well~ would lose all relevance.

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