Love what YOU love – Ray Bradbury [Pic]

This amazing letter was sent to a child by Fahrenheit 451 author Ray Bradbury back in October 1991. Unfortunately, we don’t have the context in which the letter was sent, but the important part of the message is there: Love what YOU love.

Thanks John!


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  1. Otherwise known as F.Y.I.L.M.O.L.I.M.O.W.I.I.W.T. (French waiter from Monty Python's Meaning of Life).

    Evolution can't happen when everyone is the same as everyone else. If you can't accept difference, crawl back up your tree/into the ocean/under your rock, with the rest of the monkeys/invertebrates/bacteria.

  2. "When asked in 1991 to describe an obstacle he had faced during his lifetime and the subsequent effect of his overcoming it, author Ray Bradbury replied to schoolteacher William Stanhope with the following letter. His inspiring response, along with those of a slew of other high-profile personalities, was then used to teach a class of Stanhope's."

    Of course, the sci-fi geek/nerd aspect is wholly represented here, but upon further analysis, I believe the original intent of personal positive imaging can be taken to encompass all manner of race, creed, occupation, lifestyle, body and spirit.

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