Progress: Why Can’t Computers Just Be Honest About It? [Pic]


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  1. Totally agree… kinda wish this one had a Gizmodo-esuqe write-up to it, a la!5669331/why-most-hardware-sp

    I mean, seriously… most of the applications I've seen with "swishy bar" progress bars – you know, those infuriating, cosmetic "just a bar that waves round and round" bars that gave Vista a bad name? Yeah, they were around in XP, but not nearly as common. Those applications are doing something, that I can usually TELL IT how much progress is remaining to complete, by just looking at another indicator on the screen. How the hell does it not have a way to display something in that damn progress bar?

    I think Windows Installer started the ball rolling towards disrespect of the progress bar, with its multiple-swipe progress bar. One swipe of the bar for "initializing", one for "installing", and one for "cleaning up"… and NO USER INTERACTION to tell you what phase, or how many phases, it has to complete. If it even had a "1/3: Initializing" indicator above it, it would've been more intuitive and less infuriating. Now we have installers with "swirly" progress bars (Windows Live, etc), troubleshooters, all sorts of crap. All because Windows Installer made us lose faith in the almighty progress bar. Sigh.

  2. You people are amazingly……

    A computer does not know how long the task is gonna take -.-" The progress bar is just a visual part that moves 1 tik (Or more) after each periodic execution of a line of code, resulting in a close to exact result. A computer does not think on its own, obviously. It needs programmers like myself, to give the Central processor unit, a "job".

    Point is, if something is slowing down the process it is carrying out, then obviously it will result in a "non functional timer".

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