Professional Cosplay Videos

I know as much about anime as I do quantum physics. But one thing I do know is that all those cosplayers at cons spend a lot of time, effort, and money to get their costumes just right. Unfortunately, all that hard work is usually captured by low-resolution digital cameras, poor lighting, and boring, static photos. But Ackson Lee takes a different approach to capturing those wonderful cosplay costumes.

Using HD video cameras on Steadicam harnesses, Lee and his small team of videographers run around cons taking some pretty incredible clips of fans in costume. They actually take the time to setup shots, have the people pose, and sometimes even have them act out small scenes to give their characters life. The videos are beautiful and definitely give you a better appreciation for all the hard work put into the wardrobe and props.

Check out this special Final Fantasy video, then hit Lee’s YouTube channel for more. And then someone give this guy a budget, because he could make some kick ass fan films.

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