Yahoo Gives Us a Clue About Star Wars and Star Trek

Yahoo Clue information about Star Wars and Star Trek

Here’s some very interesting demograpic information from Yahoo’s search engine statistics about Star Wars and Star Trek.  It looks like Star Wars has a big lead in the female demographics for women aged 25-44, where Star Trek appears to keep a higher level of search from older men (35+). The information is pulled from a beta tool called Yahoo Clue that shows generic demographic, regional and search information for popular search queries. Give it a spin, it gives out some pretty interesting information!


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  1. One assumption I think some here might make erroneously is that a higher percentage of older men are searching for Star Trek as opposed to Star Wars, when really a higher percentage of those searching for Star Trek are older men. Thus, a larger fraction of Trekkies may indeed be those old guys, but as Star Wars itself has a larger fan base (at least evidenced in this post) then even their smaller percentage of fans may be a larger numerical number than those favoring Star Trek.

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