Twitter, Tea, and the End of the World

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

As far as well-known authors embracing social networking go, Neil Gaiman has been right up there, a popular blogger since 2001 (and yes, I do rather love John Scalzi, who definitely beat him to the punch, but we’re talking pure star power here). Now he’s taking Twitter by storm, sort of like the literary equivalent of Ashton Kutcher (I’m also pretty sure that Wil Wheaton is the geek equivalent). And in celebration of hitting 333,333 followers (not quite as impressive as 1 million, but a much cooler number), he tweeted this challenge on Thursday:

In celebration of the upcoming 333,333rd follower & probable end of the world, twitter a photo of yourself & armageddon and/or tea #teapix

And of course the Internet responded, as we are wont to do, and I for one have enjoyed perusing pictures of tea (one of my favorite things) and/or armageddon (one of my conceptually favorite things). Here’s a rather nice one from a flickr user, titled The Four Teapots of the Apocalypse:

The Four Teapots of the Apocalypse

I also highly recommend searching for some of your favorite writers on Twitter, as I find that they generally have more interesting things to write about than what they had for breakfast (or at least an eloquent way of expressing it). Some of them may not be near the 333,333 mark, but are interesting just the same (sorry again, Mr. Scalzi, but would it help if I told everyone to buy 17 copies of Zoe’s Tale?).

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