The Celebrity Twitter Diet

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Ryan Seacrest

One thing I’ve noticed about Twitter is that a lot of people seem very interested in letting the world know what they’re eating. And thanks to the new obsession with celebrity tweeting, I can now have the inside scoop on what Ryan Seacrest, MC Hammer, and Steve Jobs had for breakfast. I’m thinking this could be a new fad diet… after all, we know that everyone wants to do exactly what famous people do, so if they just started tweeting every meal, then we could just follow along and eat the same thing!

As a preview, here’s what some famous twitterers have been eating lately. I’m thinking of writing a cookbook. No one steal my idea!

@Ryan Seacrest had eggs with tabasco sauce at forte in birmingham mich earlier.

@MC Hammer Just finished the fish oil, protein, calcium,fruit and veg(powder) and glucosamine… Now I’m going to dance, rehearse..get my sweat in !!!

@Steve Jobs Mmmm… soy pancakes!

@Ashton Kusher My balls have resurfaced and reported that my liver would like a drink… preferably Vodka tonic no fruit. It’s a picky organ.

@Demi Moore Hamburger fries check Shower check 4 hours to download a movie-sh*t! Bed check Good night!

@Wil Wheaton This is a TRUE FACT: Leftover pizza is the reason pizza was invented.

@Vanessa Hudgens I’m hungry.. Hmm, In and Out burger sounds good

@Dane Cook Sunday = eat whatever the hell I want day. Thinkin’ Fuddruckers burger and fries might do the trick.

@Shaquille O’Neal jam sandwiches two pieces of bread jam togetha

@Felicia Day My goal here is to pose eating a huge ass turkey leg.

@Perez Hilton is craving hash browns!

@Brent Spiner Hitchhiked to a gas station in Flagstaff. Enjoying a Dr. Pepper and a Slim Jim. Best meal in seven years. Hollywood, here I come.