Feature: Audio Modulated Thunder Music Pleases Thor

By Brian Boyko
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

You’ve probably seen something like this before, but never this well. ArcAttack uses two eight foot Tesla coils and a robotic percussion band in order to play music.

In addition to the interview with one of the ArcAttack members, John DiPrima, that we’ve conducted for our series on crazy inventors and inventions, we’ve also made sure that you’ll be able to enjoy renditions of “Popcorn” and the “Doctor Who” theme via audio-modulated freakin’ thunder.

For those who want to skip the interview, “Popcorn” starts at 3:50 and “Doctor Who” starts at 6:45

You’ll have to excuse the fact that we set up the camera about 100 feet from the actual Tesla coils. Any closer to that and we were getting serious interference which was throwing off our cameras’ focus – and doing god knows what else to them. You can see some of the effects from seeing the coils light up fluorescent lights from 15 feet away.

Check out ArcAttack‘s Web site if you’re interested in finding out more information.

Oh, one last thing: As always, don’t try this at home.